Construction & Engineering Industry

Pegasus Tackles the Top Challenges for Construction and Engineering Firms

Construction and engineering companies need to keep their IT, including hardware, software, phone, and networks, secure and running at peak performance levels. Eliminating downtime is the key to completing projects on time and within budget. Maintaining availability is a full-time job for your internal IT staff. This staff can be expensive and its members can’t be experts at everything. When you try to handle IT challenges on your own, you only get the benefit of expertise when a fire needs to be put out. By partnering with Pegasus Technology Solutions, firms can adopt an IT MSP model for every project phase, allowing them to focus on the task at hand while transferring the risks associated with a digital infrastructure to us.

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Handling the Tech so You Can Manage the Masonry

Companies in the construction and engineering industry need a reliable, shared network so documents, such as contracts, blueprints, and inspection reports, can be accessed at the job site. All of your equipment and software — from project management and CAD/CAM to back office and client portal — has to be perfectly integrated. Strategic backup and disaster recovery is needed to prevent data loss, which can throw a project off track. Your technology must be monitored and upgraded to meet compliance without driving up operational costs.

Construction and Engineering_Transparent_Enhance Cybersecurity & Data Protection

Enhance Cybersecurity and Data Protection


Construction and Engineering_Transparent_Maintain Regulatory Compliance Req

Maintain Regulatory Compliance Requirements


Construction and Engineering_Transparent_Access Collaboration Tools for a Remote Workforce

Access Collaboration Tools for a Remote Workforce


Construction and Engineering_Transparent_Receive End-to-End Managed Services

Receive End-to-End Managed Services


Construction and Engineering_Transparent_Support Client Portal and Large File Transfer

Support Client Portal and Large File Transfer


Pegasus MSP Process

We believe that standards are dynamic and should be consistently reviewed. Pegasus has a proven process that takes a collaborative approach to evolve your IT precisely to fit your business needs. We have leveraged our experience with Fortune 500 companies to develop a set of standards we call our Standards Library.

Pegasus_MSP Icons_Healthcare_Core Infrastructure-min

Core Infrastructure

Pegasus_MSP Icons_Healthcare_Security-min


Pegasus_MSP Icons_Healthcare_Server Infrastructure-min

Server Infrastructure

Pegasus_MSP Icons_Healthcare_Hardware-min


Pegasus_MSP Icons_Healthcare_Software-min


Pegasus_MSP Icons_Healthcare_Business Continuity-min

Business Continuity

Pegasus uses a structured vCIO framework to build strategic relationships with our customers in a consultative capacity. We handle standards alignment, lifecycle budgeting, client education, and new technology planning through regular Customer Business Strategy Review sessions. vCIO and a Technical Alignment Manager (TAM) work together to deliver on our technology success process. Most MSPs learn a customer’s environment and then fix anything that goes wrong. We work proactively with you to evolve your technology so that it fits your business goals, better protects your data, and gives you a competitive advantage. Working together with our clients, we develop a strategic roadmap that allows them to reach a level of acceptable risk.

Why Choose Pegasus MSP

Construction and engineering firms should choose Pegasus as their MSP because the people, processes, and technologies we provide Fortune 500 Enterprise-level experiences for companies of every size. The Pegasus MSP team works with your existing third-party application provider, enabling security and saving you time. For clients who do not have an existing provider, we recommend, implement, and then manage industry-specific applications. With our MSSP services, we protect against ransomware and provide full remediation in case of an attack. Along with the necessary data protection and security services, we offer VoIP and mobility solutions, including VPN, Remote Desktop, and OWA to maximize productivity for project teams.

“Pegasus Technology Solutions goes beyond being a vendor; they are a true partner. They take time to fully understand our situation and provide solutions that fit our needs. The result is a success we can both share together. We have built a trusted relationship that makes working together effortless. I can rest easy knowing that I’m always able to pick up the phone at any time and Pegasus will jump into action.”

Bryce Morrow, Chief Information Officer The Beck Group

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