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Pegasus delivers expert technology services with a personal touch.


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Pegasus has managed services capable of solving all your IT problems, including cloud, infrastructure, and security services. If you have a question or concern like one of those listed below, just click the button and see what we have to offer.

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How do I protect my company against a ransomware attack?

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What managed services are right for my company?

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What is my level of cloud readiness?

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How do I secure my network?

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How can I better manage a remote workforce?

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Where can I get help rethinking my approach to infrastructure?

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每一期澳洲幸运5的开奖号码都是由官方随机产生的。这些号码通常由5个数字组成,范围从1到36。玩家们根据自己的选择进行投注,如果其所选的号码与开奖号码匹配,则可获得相应的奖金。因此,对于彩民来说,及时获取开奖号码是非常重要的,他们可以通过官方网站或者其他媒体渠道获得这些信息。 Building Winning Client Relationships

At Pegasus, we are grateful for the awards and expressions of customer satisfaction we have received due to our passion for managed services. Our awards include the CRN Triple Crown Award for solution providers, CRN MSP 500, Tech Elite 500, and Fast Growth 150, as well as numerous awards for creating an exceptional place to work. We strive to deliver technical expertise with a human touch and promote a thriving workplace culture.


We met with a dozen companies of all sizes and didn’t find great comfort and assurance until we met with Pegasus Technology Solutions. The Pegasus Team “felt right” from the moment we met them. They clearly knew their way around IT and provided an incredible level of comfort for everyone on my team. When our backs were against the wall in a potentially devastating way due to this Ransomware attack, the Pegasus MSP Team instantly reinforced our decision to trust them with our IT. I do not hesitate to give Buck Jones and the entire Pegasus team my full endorsement. We are proud to call Pegasus Technology Solutions the Official Managed IT Provider for the Frisco RoughRiders.

Andy Milovich, President & General Manager
Frisco RoughRiders Baseball

Pegasus Technology Solutions goes beyond being a vendor, they are a true partner. They take time to fully understand our situation and provide solutions that fit our needs.  The result is a success we can both share together. We have built a trusted relationship that makes working together effortless. I can rest easy knowing that I’m always able to pick up the phone at any time and Pegasus will jump into action.

Bryce Morrow, Chief Information Officer
The Beck Group

We have major projects going on right now at Cox, and Pegasus MSP has been very helpful in helping us through each of them. I have been impressed by the response time on our helpdesk emails and follow-up on our ongoing issues. Business will continue to be busy, so we are glad to have the Pegasus/Cox Partnership.

Brian Heavner, Director of Safety & Risk Management
Cox Logistics, LLC

I want to thank the Pegasus Managed Services Team for seeing our file server migration and switch over to completion. The file server transition was seamless, VPN passwords all appear to be working as hoped, and re-starting laptops was a success with auto-mapping to a new server.

Bruce Brown, Supply Chain Director
INTEGRIS Solutions

The Pegasus MSP Team has been integral in helping me handle all the IT aspects of our recent acquisition. They have helped me with so many tickets over the past week, all with super-fast turnaround. I know that I can always get great service from Pegasus, which helps me tackle my own workload knowing they always have it handled.

Melanie Cave, Human Resources Manager
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Customer Retention Rate

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How Much We Care

除了查询开奖结果外,许多彩票爱好者也喜欢通过直播官网观看开奖过程。通过直播,他们可以实时了解到开奖号码,并感受到紧张刺激的彩票氛围。此外,一些官方直播还会提供额外的解说和分析,帮助玩家更好地理解开奖结果,并掌握最新的彩票动态。 Receive a Custom Managed Services
Proposal From Pegasus

Work closely with Pegasus managed service experts to scope and price out your next initiative.